Cool Up

With respect to end-use electricity consumption, cooling and dehumidification, combined, constituted 29% of the total electricity consumption in Lebanon in 2009 and reached 40% in 2014. The residential sector is the largest consumption in cooling share at 19% in 2014 followed by the commercial sector with 11% and the health and education sector with 8%.

About half of the households are equipped with air-conditioning systems in Lebanon signaling a high potential for the implementation of the Cool Up project.

The objectives of Cool Up project are to reduce cooling demand, to accelerate HFC phase down, to promote uptake of RES/EE refrigeration and cooling (R&C) in residential and commercial sector and to ensure safe disposal of equipment and refrigerants.

Four target countries are participating in this project: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The project duration is 6 years. Led by Guidehouse, the project includes 12 local and international partners where the LCEC is the local partner in Lebanon. Cool Up tackles the cooling sector in four main aspects: policy, finance, technology and capacity building. Cool Up activities are expected to start by the end of 2020.

Cool Up was previously promoted under the name COOL_ME.



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