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IRI issues Circular 006/2021 on used and damaged solar products

The Industrial Research Institute (IRI) issued on 14 October 2021 Circular 006/2021 on the import of used and damaged solar products.

The Circular makes reference to Decree 6997/2020 that transforms national standards on solar energy and photovoltaic systems to technical regulations (mandatory status). It also makes reference to the main purpose of the Decree that is to ensure safety and quality, to protect Lebanese consumers from fraud, and to ensure health, public safety and environmental protection.

The Circular adds that all solar panels and photovoltaic systems that are used or damaged cannot be tracked or assessed for compliance with the mandatory standards and are therefore considered as non-compliant with the Decree.

Consequently, IRI Circular 006/2021 concludes that all shipments of used solar panels or photovoltaic systems dated beyond 20 October 2021 will be considered non-compliant with Decree 6997/2020 and treated accordingly.