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COP 26 Climate-Energy Dialogue in the Middle East and North Africa region

IRENA, in partnership with the UNFCCC (RCC Dubai) and UK COP26 Presidency, is hosting a webinar on “COP 26 Climate-Energy Dialogue in the Middle East and North Africa region”The dialogue aims to serve as a platform for exchanging experiences, lessons learnt and best practices in the region as well as understand the linkages between NDCs, long-term strategies and the post-COVID 19 economic recovery plans.

This virtual event will have a regional focus on the Middle East and North Africa region and will take place on  27 April 2021 at 11:30-13:30 (GMT+4) and will aim at the following:

  • Encourage more ambitious climate action by all governments in MENA, including the submission of updated NDCs and long-term climate/energy strategies in support of the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. 
  • Broaden the knowledge and understanding about the linkages between short-term economic recovery measures, NDCs, long-term climate / energy strategies in achieving the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement. 
  • Share regional experience on the domestic energy systems transformation required to achieve and advance the GHG reduction targets in NDCs of MENA countries. 
  • Deepen the understanding on the opportunities to maximize the socioeconomic benefits of the energy transition.

You can register for the event here