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Be part of LCEC's list of recommended solar PV companies!

Based on the requests received by LCEC from multiple donors, the LCEC is hereby launching a new qualification for solar PV companies working in Lebanon. This evaluation process is a part of the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation's efforts to improve the quality of installations of solar PV systems in Lebanon. The goal is to increase the level of consumers’ trust and confidence with the solar PV technology and with companies supplying and installing these systems.


The list will be reviewed and updated every two months. Companies to be listed in this document will be monitored continuously. In fact, the LCEC has dedicated a team of its experts to keep monitoring the work done by solar companies based on feedback to be received from consumers.


For more info on the qualification process or for suggestions, contact the LCEC team by PV.qualification@lcec.org.lb or by phone: 00961 1 569101.


The list can be downloaded here below.