The Work

The FELL-18 programme has 3 active taskforces: Trilemma, Human Capital and Digitalization. Each member of the FELL-18 programme is active in one of the taskforces. Each taskforce is led by a taskforce leader and works on various aspects of the energy sector in Lebanon. The work of each taskforce is detailed in the sections below.


  1. Trilemma Taskforce

The Trilemma Taskforce has been working to investigate the potential of decentralized energy generation in Lebanon through its different forms: Individual household rooftops and community-based PV Systems.

Ongoing work is being done to evaluate each of these decentralization models along three dimensions: technical, economic and legal through evidence-based research and interviews with industry experts and multiple stakeholders in the field (completed).

The impact of distributed solar PV systems’ implementation will be assessed based on their effect on the trilemma index using the work and methodology of the Trilemma Taskforce in 2019.

Different scenarios will be put in place for scaling up these systems and a set of trilemma indicators will be calculated and presented in the form of an infograph.


  1. Human Capital Taskforce

The human capital taskforce has been working on developing the Lebanon Energy Hub, an Online Platform that would play the role of a digital information hub for the energy sector in Lebanon in the aim of making data and information accessible to everyone.

Ongoing work is being done to build this platform (Website Structure / Skeleton) that includes several sections and sub-sections – most importantly: The Digital Library (the platform’s main section), Career Guide, Events Agenda, and Kids Corner.

In the meantime, the team are also working on developing the website’s content in terms of text and pictures as well as collecting readily available energy topics from reliable sources to further enrich our Digital Library. We aim to launch the Lebanon Energy Hub by the end of November.


  1. Digitalization Taskforce

The digitalization taskforce has been working on an alternative emergency energy action plan to reform the power sector in Lebanon and accelerate distributed solar PV in the country.

The plan is based on the three D-pillar, decarbonization, digitalization and democratization, whereby they are proposing a feed-in tariff policy for virtual hybrid PV-X systems that will be connected, synchronized and controlled by EDL.

The activities have been centered on simulating the Lebanese power system on a high level to assess the techno-economic feasibility of our proposal and conduct interviews with local and international technology providers to confirm the proof of concept. The team is also preparing an animated video to market the idea.