The Structure

18 Future Energy Leaders, 5 board members, 3 taskforces

The FELL-18 adds on the positive momentum the Lebanon National Committee has created on the national and global level.

The program gathers 18 young energy professionals, either Lebanese Nationals working in the energy sector and residing in Lebanon or abroad or a non-Lebanese residing and working in the energy sector in Lebanon.


The FELL-18 programme has a board of 5 members:

Chair: Mr. Omar Al Kaaki

Secretary: Ms. Patil Mesrobian

Taskforce Leader – Trilemma: Mr. Marc Ayoub

Taskforce Leader – Human Capital: Mr. Toufic Rizkallah

Taskforce Leader – Digitalization: Mr. Farid Comaty


The FELL-18 programme also has an Evaluation Committee to ensure quality of the programme by selecting and inviting the most appropriate participants to join the programme, and facilitating their active involvement.

The Evaluation Committee is composed of the FELL-18 Chair, FELL-18 Secretary, World Energy Council Lebanon National Committee Secretary, a FEL-100 Lebanon member, and a World Energy Council Lebanon National Committee member selected each year by the World Energy Council Lebanon National Committee.


During the 2020 evaluation, the evaluation committee members were:

WEC Lebanon Secretariat: Represented by Mr. Michelange Medlej

WEC Lebanon Member: Represented by Maître Walid Choueiry

FEL100 Lebanon: Represented by Mr. Rani Al Achkar

FELL-18 Chair: Mr. Omar Al Kaaki, and

FELL-18 Secretary: Mrs. Patil Mesrobian