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Energy-efficiency standards and labelling of residential appliances
Details MEPS are Minimum Energy Performance Standards

The LCEC is currently working on Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for the residential sector. These standards will be based on a comparison of international schemes such as the European, the American and the Korean etc. The MEPS define the minimum requirements of performance that an appliance or a group of appliances have to meet in order to be accepted on the Lebanese market. Products not meeting the MEPS requirements will be banned from entering the market. LCEC has started by analysing the home appliances market including refrigerator-freezers, air conditioners, washing machines and television sets. A technical committee has been created by the Lebanese Certification body Libnor to work on the energy efficiency indices to be used for the MEPS.


In addition, the LCEC is also working on a Lebanese Energy Labelling system for household appliances. The label will define the energy category of the equipment and its annual energy consumption, in order to better educate the consumers on the benefits of energy efficient appliances.


In May 2017, a national workshop on Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for the residential sector was organised by the LCEC to share good practices and highlight relevant measures to be taken to foster the energy-efficiency of household appliances. Stakeholders invited to participate were manufacturers, importers and retailers of appliances, Libnor, IRI, public bodies and private companies.