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Details MEDiterranean DEvelopment of Support schemes for solar Initiatives and Renewable Energies

This project aims at spreading energy efficiency all over the Mediterranean area through the use of innovative financial schemes and market stimulation tools. Its mains objectives are to support energy sustainability, raise public awareness on energy efficiency and the implementation of best practices in legal, regulatory, economic and organizational issues including the promotion of new financing mechanisms in order to remove the barriers of solar technology and enhance its development. The project joins the efforts of 9 institutions from 5 different countries, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon.


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Project Leader

Puglia Region – Economic Development, Employment and Innovation Policy Area – Industrial Research and Innovation Department


Puglia Regione Implementing Agency

ARTI – Apulia Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation



AAE – Andalusian Energy Agency

ANME – Tunisian National Agency for Energy Conservation

CIEMAT – PSA – Center of Energetic, Environmental and Technological Investigations – Solar Platform of Almeria

ENEA - Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development

IAT – Andalusian Institute of Technology

LCEC – Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation

MATTM - Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea

NREA – Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority