efficient resources, sustainable achievements


The work of LCEC is characterized by different partnerships with the private and public sectors, both nationally and internationally. LCEC is successful in establishing partnerships and in aligning efforts towards the achievement of national objectives in energy efficiency and renewable energy.


The Ministry for Energy and Water is the central public organization in charge of the energy sector in Lebanon. LCEC is affiliated to the Ministry of Energy and Water in all major decisions, initiatives and projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.


LCEC is also the technical arm of the Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL) in the review and evaluation of all technical applications to low-interest energy loans submitted to BDL.


In addition, LCEC keeps productive relationships with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Industry, and the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR). LCEC has excellent work partnerships with Electricité Du Liban (EDL), the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), the Lebanese Standards Institution Libnor, the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut, ESCWA, and UNIFIL. In addition to solar water heaters and solar PV companies, energy service companies (ESCOs), commercial facilities, embassies, financial institutions, universities, philanthropic organizations, and other non-governmental groups.

At the international level, LCEC is the national focal point of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the Energy Department at the League of Arab States (LAS), the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), and the Energy Charter.


Furthermore, LCEC is the national coordinator of many EU-funded projects and initiatives, namely TAEIX, MED-ENEC, CES-MED, SISSAF, SHAAMS, MED-SOLAR, EDILE, and SUDEP.


The cooperation between the Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea (IMELS) and the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) dates back to January 2013 when the MEDiterranean DEvelopment of Support schemes for solar Initiatives and Renewable Energies (MED-DESIRE Project) was launched. MED-DESIRE was co-funded by the European Union through the ENPI CBC MED Programme 2007-2013. Based on the success of the cooperation between IMELS and LCEC, a technical cooperation agreement on sustainable development was signed in Rome in 2016. The objective of the agreement is to strengthen bilateral relations between Italy and Lebanon in the field of sustainable development and the fight against climate change.



LCEC represents the national committee of the World Energy Council (WEC). LCEC is a founding member and member of the Board of Trustees of the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE). 


Finally, the LCEC is developing partnerships with international entities like the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).