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A Note from LCEC

Dealing with the Covid-19 Corona Crisis Today for Better Sustainable Energy Tomorrow

Lebanon, like almost all other countries in the world, is facing an unprecedented crisis caused by the covid-19 corona virus pandemic. It is no secret that the corona crisis exerts unbearable pressure on an already-weakened economic and financial situation in the country.

The negative impacts of both crises are expected to be devastating on the national economy, the loss of jobs, and the markets momenta. World leaders, governments, international organizations will need to play a crucial role in revitalizing economies throughout the world.

In the middle of this restructuring of economies and national priorities, the sustainable energy component should not be hindered. On the opposite, the grand energy transition should be pushed even further to make the world a more resilient place.

In the case of Lebanon, the revitalization of our national economy once the corona crisis ceases should not delay decarbonization efforts. Sustainable energy development is to a core building block of the national economic recovery.

Within this context, the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) commits to push even further the national efforts towards the decarbonization of the energy sector. LCEC will spare no efforts to include sustainable energy components in the national recovery policies of the country in full harmonization of the direction to be undertaken by the Government.

It is true that the current crisis has reduced potential business opportunities, thus putting huge strains on private sector companies, banks, professional bodies, entrepreneurs, engineers and professionals. Yet, this medical crisis will come to an end, and it is LCEC’s commitment to complete all the preparations needed to reboot the sustainable energy sector, starting now.

Now is the time to propose solutions, to offer concrete measures, and to keep the morale high. During these difficult times, the momentum shouldn’t be lost. Economic recovery needs to be built on structural sustainable energy components.

LCEC is aware that projects implementations and concrete actions are quasi-impossible today; yet, all the preparatory work could be initiated right now. Following a work-from-home policy based on the intensive use of the online communication backbone, the LCEC team members are dedicated to sustain the basics of a better tomorrow.

All concerned parties and partners are encouraged to keep pushing forward. If today is tough, tomorrow is to be brighter, constructive, and most importantly sustainable.